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CEO J. Keem24


Artist Description

Artist Name: J. Keem24 Aka J. Keembeats.

Artist Description: Producer, Rap Artist, Songwriter, Singer.

Artist Genre: Hip-Hop, R&B.

Artist Location: Chicago, Bloomington-Normal, IL.

Sub-Description: Entrepreneur, Investor, Graphic Designer, Fashion Model.

Artist Biography

Born On May 24th As Hykeem Sharod Jackson. The Middle-Child, Second Oldest Of 4 Children, And The Last/Youngest Jackson Sibling Of His Family Generation Is A Humble, Real, Winsome, And Talented Man/Musician. Before Moving And Living In Different Places Amongst Chicago He Was Born And Partly Raised In The City Of Harvey Illinois Where It All Began For Him.


Growing Up As A Kid, Artist J. Keem24 Always Did Have A Serious Interest And Obsession For Music. As Been Said By Himself, He Wasn't The Typical Child Who Watched Cartoons As A Kid. Instead, He Listened To And Watched Music Videos By Different Music Artists. He Comes From A Musically Inclined Family Having Uncles Who Produce/DJ, Several Cousins Who Are Involved In Music In Some Sort Of Way, An Older Sister Who Sings As Well As A Younger Brother Who Raps. Most Of His Friends Were/Are Also Involved In Music. 

During His Childhood Days, Artist J. Keem24 Had Many Experiences Witnessing Music Being Created. Whether It Was Watching Different Music Artists On TV, Going To The Studio With His Older Sister As A Child While She Would Record Music, Going To One Of His Grandparents House Who Had A Home Church Where They Did Music Performances, J. Keem24 Always Had A Consistent Exposure To Music In The Flesh. By This, Artist J. Keem24 Had Grown A Great Music Sense And Started Testing His Talents. 

He First Started Rapping/Freestyling In The 6th Grade, Just At The Age Of 11. He Started Writing And Becoming More Skilled At The Age Of 13, This Established Him As A Young Songwriter/Rap Artist. By The Age Of 18, A Close Friend At The Time Introduced Him To A Program Called "FL Studio" Used For Producing Instrumentals. It Took J. Keem24 Sometime, But Once He Got It Down-Packed It Marked Him As A Producer Adding To His Musical Talents. J. Keem24 Also Got Into The Program "Photoshop" Around This Time Too As Well. Just At The Age Of 18, J. Keem24 Had Already Been Writing, Rapping, Producing, And Creating Graphic Designs For Himself And His Music Associates. This Was Just The Beginning Of Artist J. Keem24 Developing His Talent And Music Legacy. 

Artist Background Story

While Growing Up Amongst Music, Artist J. Keem24 Also Suffered From Different Struggles And Battles As A Kid. Some Of These Situations Stemmed From J. Keem24 Not Knowing His Real Father, From His Aunty Tamela Jackson Who, He Was Close With Getting Murdered Inside Of The Home That His Family Grew Up In While He Was Just A Kid, Having Friends Who Lost Their Life Due To Falling Victim Of The Streets, Watching His Family Struggle Financially, Living In Poverty Etc. All Of These Misfortunes Were The Reason For J. Keem24 Being A Troubled Child.


As The Background Story, Artist J. Keem24 Come From A Pretty Tough Background. Altho Most People Know Him For His Unique Personally Being The Man He Turned Out To Be, J. Keem24 Did Get Into A Lot Of Trouble Suffering From His Personal Pain And Struggles. Some Of These Troubles Were Things Such As Him Falling Out Constantly With His Parents, Getting Into A Lot Of Different Fights During School Growing Up As A Kid, Being Involved In Gang Activities And Getting Into A Lot Of Trouble With Police Running Around In The Streets. During This Time, Artist J. Keem24 Was Often Doubted And Less Expected.

Even With These Issues, Artist J. Keem24 Still Managed To Make Music. He Had Been Rapping Since The Age Of 11, But Never Put Himself Out There As A Rap Artist. The Reason Being Was Because J. Keem24 Felt Him Rapping About His Pain And Problems Instead Of The Typical Things Nobody Would Listen. Him Having This Feeling Caused Him To Hold Back In Rap Sessions And Create Never Released Songs. At One Point, Artist J. Keem24 Start Putting Out Beats Along With Videos, But He Eventually Stopped Doing That Getting Caught Up In His Life Hardships.

For Years, Artist J. Keem24 Suffered From Oppression And Self Doubt Hiding His Musical Talents. He Went Through Some Of The Harshest Things Trying To Build Himself Up And Get Back On His Feet. It Wasn't Until He Received Different Opportunites Working, Being Independent And Able To Put Himself In A Better Position To Pursue Music. Once Things Within His Life Got Better And Started To Change, He Started Building Himself Back Up And Realized What He Was Meant To Do. Serve God, Chase His Music Dreams And Lead The People With The Truth. He's Held Back For A Long Time, But Now He's Ready. Introducing The World To "The Return Of 24 Rise Of The Empire Legacy."

GME's About

GME's About Details All Information Concerning CEO J. Keem24 And The Get Money Empire Productions Company. The Info Provided Is Restricted And Strictly For Other Companies And Platforms Who Use This Info To Be Accurate. This Information Is Kept In Privacy Policy. All Full Rights Approved By CEO J. Keem24. 

GMEP Company

GMEP Logo (Black)

Business Description

Business Label: GME Productions.

Business Establishment: 2019.

Business Type: Music & Video Productions.

Business Location: Chicago, Bloomington-Normal, IL. 

GME Productions Is A Legal Upcoming Business Created In 2010, Formed Officially In 2019 By Owner J. Keem24. Our Goal Is To Inspire People And Share Our Services As Well As Our Dreams With The World. We're Currently Working And Promoting To Further Our Business Like A Professional Brand. We're Also Interested In Doing Business And Working With Different Collaborations. For Any Other Concerns Or Questions Please Email For Contacting. 

GMEP Description

Get Money Empire Productions Isn't Only Just A Music And Video Production Company. We're Also A Brand Name That Represents The Reason World Wide For Everyday Functions. Whether It's Waking Up Every Single Day Working A 9 To 5 To Get Paid, Going To College To Get A Degree For A Job That Pays Good Money, Whether's It's Doing Something That May Be Illegal To Make A Profit, Or Even Something Such As The Federal Government Charges And Taxes Country Wide Everything That Revolves Around Us Involves Getting Money In Some Form, Shape Or Way. It's What We Work And Grind For On A Day To Day, It's Why A Great Percentage Of Our Country Is Struggling Due To Money Needs, It's Why Our Government Is So Money Infested Due To Having A Persistent Plan To Keep The People Poor And The Rich Rich. It All Comes Back To The Reason Being The Desire For Money In The End. This, Created The Title Chosen By GME's CEO J. Keem24. Rapper J. Keem24 State's "I Wanted A Title That Represents What I'm About And What The World Is About As A Whole, Getting Money." Our Intensions Are Not Only To Build An Empire Of Individuals Who's Motivated And Determined To Do What They Need To Do To Get Things Done And Obtain Financial Wealth, But Also To Inspire The People Of The World To Be About Their Business, And To Be About Their Money Regardless Of Whatever Faced Hardship. We All Want To Be Financially Stable And To Generate An Adequate Amount Of Profit. We All Have The Opportunity To Do So As Well. With The Influence Of Artist J. Keem24, The Get Money Empire Production Company And Your Ability, There's Only One Thing Left To Do. GO GET IT!

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